Private Project

Private Project allows you to easily extend your multimedia application, to incorporate data from internal or external co-creators.

It does so, by automating the process of creating a web based CMS and project management. Just specify your data structures in the web based Module Builder, and easire provides you with a CMS for your co-creators as well as a data interface in both XML and JSON for developers.

Module Builder

Don't code - create your own Page Templates - stay flexible

With the Module Builder you create a Page Template for a particular ‘page design’, a structure for headlines, subheadlines, videos, images or image galleries.

These structural elements exist already and you can easily select them with a simple click from the menu. From these simple options arises highly flexible content. A text-field can be many text fields, or images can become image-galleries. These properties are selected in the initial design and are available to the co-creators who add their content via the CMS.

Once a Page Template is done you can build and install it as a module. There are options to 'install' or 'export' your module. You can build as many modules as you like!

Your content always stays flexible - thanks to the easire Module Builder. To see how it works check out the Module Builder HowTo!

Use your own development environment

Easire bridges the gap between your custom application and the data of your co-creators. Feel free to use the development environment you are most comfortable with. Ventuz, VVVV, Flash or C++ - if you can read XML or JSON, you are good to go.

You can download the project data as .zip file which contains XML and the Media Library. Check out our Ventuz or VVVV HowTo to see how it works!

We will publish tutorials for other environments too. To see how the data output of easire generally works, please check out this tutorial.

Say hello to easire API

Connect your contents to your multimedia application or website

Every easire module comes with its own API, even the ones you created on your own with Module Builder.

To serve your application with live content you can use the API. All API's are OAuth secured and read-only. They enable developers to read object-data from the cms-database. The API delivers XML and JSON. Ask us for your personal API Key.

Private Project

Private Project - Features Overview

  • full access to the Module Builder
  • easily download your data as zip. file
  • up to 15 co-creators and developers
  • 4 GB storage space for your multimedia content
  • daily backup, 14 days backup history
  • support level: mail support, HowTo's and documentation at easire Wiki

Pricing: 1990,- € per annum per project, every additional month we provide you with hosting service 29,- € per month

30-Day Free Trial